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About Us

One of the best ways to build community is over a cup of good coffee. When Crux Coffee opened its doors in 2016, it was conceived as just such a space—a place where the students of Wyoming Catholic College and the townsfolk of Lander could meet and interact in a meaningful way, forming friendships and building intentional community. That’s why the baristas who serve our coffee are all either current students or alumni of the College. And that’s why we see our presence on the corner of 3rd and Main as more than just a business opportunity; we see it as a way to combine two things we love dearly: The WCC students and professors, and the wonderful small-town environment and hospitality of Lander, Wyoming.


We recognize that the quality of coffee is an integral to the experience, so we have partnered with Huckleberry Roasters to help provide the perfect beans. Based in Denver, Colorado, Huck’s Koan Goedman and Jason Farrar are committed to roasting the best coffee they can. As a sign of that commitment, they have 3 Q graders (the best of the best of coffee assessors) on staff—something very few roasters can claim—and their coffee reflects an extraordinary commitment to excellence. Huckleberry has won several Good Foods awards, and we are proud to partner with them to bring you the perfect cup of joe.

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