Double Espresso Shot


Everything in Excellence.

"Everything in Excellence" perfectly describes the mission of Crux Coffee. The people, the coffee, and the community blend together to pursue this ideal in God's country and fueled by great coffee, we hope to achieve this experience. 

Crux opened in January of 2015 to not only provide student employment positions for the nearby Catholic College, but also to highlight a carefully thought out atmosphere. From the Baristas to the Coffee Roasts to the Fresh Baked Goods, Crux was founded to provided a meeting place for the local Lander community and the Catholic College over a much needed cup of coffee.


Our setting is different, our Baristas are full-time Students, and our Coffee is one of a kind, but we hope that what you experience here can bring it all together.  

HandCrafted Coffee
A Different Cup of Coffee. 


We knew we needed something crazy to match our high expectations, so when Crux was selecting its coffee we looked for exactly that. Different, Bright, Single-Origin if possible and something that would capture those who tried it. We found CommonWealth Coffee, located near Denver CO, and we partnered with them. 

CommonWealth believes that great Coffee deserves to be shared, and should be experienced in a way  that builds community. This is taken directly from their mission as Roasters: "Our goal is to roast every coffee we sell to its fullest potential, leaving no room for preconceived notions and biases. We want to strike the perfect relationship between balance, sweetness, and complexity. Because Coffee is Fun." 

You can learn more about their Coffee, Contact them, as well as order Coffee beans direct from their website below. 

Fresh Pastries
Our Freshly Baked Pastries. 


Our bake crew, staffed again by full time students, starts their day at 4am to ensure that all of our home-style goodies are as fresh as possible. All of the pastries, scones, cookies, donuts and cinnamon rolls are baked fresh every morning and delivered from our Bakery to our Café each morning just before we open.

And while everything is top notch, cinnamon rolls in particular hold a special status, not much can come close to pairing of good black coffee and a sweet scone. Come in and pick something up or call ahead and order for your next office breakfast.